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Outline created by Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 09, 2012.

Microliner conversation

Help me test this new app by replying to this tweet. Say something pithy or say something dumb. It doesn't matter! :-)

siderAU: I will reply if I get listed in the credits of the app as a Tester ;-)


lskrocki: test reply. g'luck!

k4shif: these pretzels are making me thirsty

Brizzyc: something dumb

mhuberTU: what's the new app, dave?

It's called "Microliner"

LillyLyle: Ah that Dave, he's such a whiner [test] ;-P

Now play nice! :-)

Xiratweet: I hope it was nice to read this tweet. Greetings from Spain

d_a_keldsen: I deleted the misquoted tweet. Sorry about that. Test, pithy, succinct.

ErikNeu: doh

lnebres: …still pissed that Obama essentially gave Romney a pass in debate #1.

arpit: work or work not...there is no testing <- Yoda the programme

paulmwatson: this is something dumb pretending to be pithy.

rusw: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

kpkelleher: ...

jackschofield: Testing 1-2-3, testing. Waka Waka Bang Splat < > ! * ' ' # Roger and out

austinburbridge: "Still diggin'" -- where does that expression come from?

Thanks for asking. When I was a kid, Con Ed, the local utility would have signs that said Dig We Must! That's where Still diggin came from.

blainsmith: Stop telling me what to do!

jlarkin353: next time try fluidUI for your app design :)

Instead of Bootstrap?

jlarkin353: earlier - its a prototyping tool for concept & UI

hugorodgerbrown: doowap

bump: Twitter is hierarchical?

Conversations are hierarchic. I'll post a screen shot in a minute so you can see.

hmorrell: Something pithily dumb.

Is_It_: Ok, if you will consider my first focused blog entry. (on dumping mobile providers)

simonspeight: This is neither pithy nor dumb, but it is trans-atlantic!

TipPDX: Hello world

DrKevinManess: Shoot, I can never do pithy on command, so I'll settle for dumb. Dumb I can always manage.

Much appreciated either way! :-)

Paddy_e: Generic dumb pithy comment

AndreaJobs: something pithy

TerryHeaton: You are a god! (Is that pithy, dumb or both?)

Awww you're too kind Terry. :-)

jeremyfelt: Hi, Dave!

MrRobinson: Greetings Dave.